Desert Flower – The extraordinary story of a survivor of FGM

Desert Flower is a truly inspirational story of an outstanding, remarkable woman – a survivor of FGMWaris Dirie - Survivor of FGM.

Waris’s story takes us back to Galkayo, Somalia where she was born into a nomadic family in 1965.

The book traces her life as a young girl, living a nomadic life in Somalia and highlights the culture and beliefs of such people – culture such as female circumcision and arranged marriages.  

Armed with the knowledge that she was to marry a 60-year-old man she didn’t even know when she was only 12 years old, she decided to flee her country.  

Waris’ story telling is brilliant as you can feel the emotions and actually picture the scenes that she describes. 

Desert Flower captures a determined and resilient human spirit who fought for and achieved something better in life. This is the spirit I see in each child I encounter on my mission trips.

About Warie – A Survivor of FGM

Waris Dirie is an internationally renowned model and was a face of Revlon Skin-care products.  In 1997 she was appointed by the United Nations as Special Ambassador for women’s rights in Africa, in its efforts to eliminate the practice of female genital mutilation -FGM.

Waris survived circumcision, rape, arranged marriage and a lion attack in the deserts of Somalia, emerging as a real champion.

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