Planning tips for a successful mission trip

Each mission trip you go on will be different and unique.  I will share with you my planning tips for a successful mission trip regardless of where you go.

Planning tips for a successful mission trip

  • Request prayer from friends and family about your impending trip
  • Attend an orientation day where you get to meet the other team members and find out more details about the mission trip

  • Take contact number and names of those in the teamPlanning tips for a successful mission trip - Use WhatsApp to communicate

  • Create a group – WhatsApp, Facebook – where each member can keep in contact
  • Check that you have the necessary vaccinations for the country you will be visiting.  Some countries will not allow you entry if you don’t have a yellow fever certificate.

  • Ensure you have a current passport which is valid for the length of your stay.  It is also a good idea to Planning tips for a successful mission trip - Ensure you have a valid Passport and Visa if requiredtake a photocopy of your passport – the page with your details – and keep it separately from your main passport. You can also take a photo of this page.  If you were unfortunate to lose your passport, you have copies which may be acceptable in getting you back home.

  • Check to see if you require a visa – I needed a visa when I visited India.  You can check this online at the embassy for the country you wish to travel to

  • Purchase any travel insurance

  • Find out about the culture and appropriate dress codes.  Some cultures take offence to seeing women wearing strapless dresses, short skirts etc.

  • Bring a small first aid kit that contains plasters, a small bottle of TCP, paracetamol tablets.

  • Pack a mosquito net and mosquito repellent

  • Bring your favourite book to read during the free time

    Planning tips for a successful mission trip - Use a Journal to document your trip

  • Bring a journal to make notes.  I now look back at my notes from my first mission trip and compare them with my most recent trips and see how each mission trip is different but unique.

  • Make sure you have enough batteries and that you have packed your phone/camera chargers. Batteries can be quite expensive abroad.

  • Give your friends and family the contact details of where you will be staying and how to contact you in an emergency