Adverse conditions, can either make or break you.  Here is the dramatic, true story of Frida, a young girl living in Rwanda, who faced the most adverse condition one could imagine – life or death.  She chose life.

Having witnessed her family being massacred by Hutu men with machetes, she was given the option of whether she wanted to die by a bullet or be hacked to death.  She chose the latter as she had to pay for the bullet which was to be used to kill her; she was given a blow to the head, which should have been fatal, and thrown into the mass grave with the rest of her family; moments later after the Hutu men had left her for dead,  she found herself alive and conscious.

Frida – Chosen to Die, Destined to Live, is a heartbreaking yet triumphant story of how hope, faith and courage can keep your spirit alive as you think positively about the future.

Today, Frida, like many other young women have survived to tell their story.

Many of the children I see during my various mission trips aspire to be teachers, lawyers, doctors and other professions of high standing.  Where they are now, is not what they look at, it is where they see their future; what they want for themselves and the next generation.

Some of these children have gone through traumatic experiences like FGM (female genital mutilation), rejection by family and yet, they too, are able to forgive those that have committed these offences against them.

This book inspires and encourages me to continue my support of children through sponsorship and through the different projects on mission trips so that they can choose to live rather than ‘die’ in their circumstances.  I highly recommend this book to you.  It can be purchased here at Amazon.