Esther – Sponsored child from Kenya

Esther is from Kenya.  I have been sponsoring her since 2007.

Esther was 7 when I started to sponsor her.  I knew she was the child I was to sponsor when I first saw her picture (the one to the right).  The picture seems to say ‘I need a sponsor. I too have potential’.  I have grown to know Eimg_0514sther personally through the many letters I receive from her.  In spite of the circumstances surrounding her, and the late start in life of attending an educational establishment, Esther is doing well.    Through sponsorship, I have seen many positive changes in Esther.  The first few years her letters were only a few lines, written by interpreters, with some drawings.  Now, she is writing her own letters and they are much longer with great content.  After 8 years of sponsoring Esther, I was privileged to visit her.  You can visit your sponsored child after 6 months of continued sponsorship however, it is not mandatory.  You can arrange for a visit at a time that is convenient for both you and your child.


My visit to Kenya



My visit to Kenya was in August 2015.  The year Esther turned 15.