About Me

Welcome to Missions and Me!!!

My name is Jacqueline and I live in the UK.   I grew up in a suburb of South London called Wandsworth and lived there most of my life.  I now live in a neighbouring borough.

I loved school and enjoy learning.  I left school not wanting to go into the world of work as I knew that I hadn’t ‘learnt’ enough yet. What I had achieved was ‘mandatory’; now, it was for me to explore what I wanted to do in life.  I studied for 3 years at a college and then went onto university (polytechnic back then) to reach the optimum level for the qualification I was pursuing.

Work life

I graduated during the heat of the UK recession – 1990 – employment was hard to come by in the field I had chosen for my career – computer programming.  I remember sending numerous letters and CV’s to prospective companies and the responses were always ‘nothing at the moment, but we will keep your CV on file should anything turn up’.  I never did hear back from those companies.

My first job was working in a bakery owned by friends of the family.  I really appreciated them giving me the opportunity to work for them.  I spent nearly 2 years there before I landed my first real job in the world of IT.  This was at entry level and I made the best use of applying my theoretical knowledge of computer programming in this employment.  I updated my CV too and I soon found that my skills were now marketable, I had the skills that employers were looking for – I was able to use this to win the best job offers that agencies were putting me forward for.  With my skill set increasing and in demand, I was able to leave one employment and continue in another.  I worked for 4 different companies during a spell of 12 years.

I am now with the same employer for over 10 years now.

Personal interests

During my working career, I embarked on several courses.  I studied Biblical and Modern Hebrew – I can read both modern and Biblical Hebrew text at a basic level.  I can also understand spoken Hebrew at a basic level and can respond likewise.  Additionally, I enrolled on an International Seminary course for 2 years gaining a qualification in ‘Being successful in your ministry”.  An element of the course was about mission work. Mission work wasn’t something I had thought about but it interested me.  At the end of the semester, as a sort of ‘final overall rating’ of how we could take this newly gained qualification forward, and impact our societies,  we did a test which informs you where our skills lie based on a matrix and needless to say, the results that came back confirmed what I knew were my skills.  It’s not a ‘finger in the air’ /guesswork formula. I knew before I took the test that I had these traits – the test was confirmation.
Within a year of graduating, I went on my first missionary trip.

I have recently gained a GCSE English qualification. I enjoyed this course so much that I am thinking of embarking on improving my writing skills by enrolling onto other related courses.   This website which I have created via Wealthy Affiliate also helps me to keep on top of my writing skills.

Where I am now…

My passion is going on mission trips to help and support those less fortunate than myself.   I have visited Jamaica, India and Kenya and hope to visit many other countries in the future.  This website is all about my missionary journeys, the people I’ve met, the different cultures, countries, what to expect when you go on a mission journey and my other interests which include reading.  I will be sharing some of these books with you – some of them which were an inspiration for my mission journeys.

As a result of me visiting those countries and seeing the lack of physical development need in the young children,  I decided to sponsor a child.  I started sponsoring 1 child, then I decided to sponsor another.  I now have 2 sponsored children.  One in India and another in Kenya.   I sponsor my children via Compassion UK.

Care to know more, please feel free to contact me at Jackie@missionsandme.org